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Smart grid

Local Energy Systems - Micro Grids

Analysis of advanced asset management on PV, inverters and energy storage by using pattern recognition as a part of the EPR Project (European Pattern Recognition project).

They will test the concept of micro grids, both with and without connection to the grid.

Two demonstrator areas:

- Smart distributed power with PV and energy storage (Glava test park and Eltek system)

- Optimised operation of PV plants with advanced error detection and prediction (Glava test park and Arvika PV parks and Prediktor O&M software).


Funding partners: Smart Grids Plus, Horizon 2020, The Research Council of Norway, Swedish Energy Agency and Tübitak.


Pilot: Smart grids

Studies have been made on a local smart grid to see the energy balance between local production and local consuption of energy. GEC has different types of energy storages as well as various technical solutions for load management. 


Energy Management System - OpenDEM

Raymond M Kaiser, Amzur Technologies 

OpenDEM is a modular suite of open source applications that can monitor, manage and control Distributed Energy Resources locally and remotely – from a single building to a campus, to a diverse portfolio of buildings and large service territory.

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