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Solar Energy

Rapit heating of water

3 billion people cook food with biofuels, which contributes to both local and global environmental problems with deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. GEC and the ecoInside project is funding the innovation project "Rapit heating of water". With the invention, cooking is possible indoors and after sunset. Furthermore, saving time is not necessary because you do not have to search for fuel, and instead can spend this time on education or a paid job.

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Solar Tent

Solar Tent is an innovation where the tent fabric has built-in solar modules. 

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Ongrid system

Solar module park is a so-called ongrid system, ie a non-independent, network-connected system (209.8 kW). In the solar module park, GEC are testing different concepts of modules, frames, foundations and inverters.

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Offgrid system

There are five different offgrid-systems of different sizes at Glava Energy Center. Offgrid-systems are stand-alone system of solar modules built on flexible solar frames and ground anchoring bolts, connected to the batteries. The purpose of the systems are to develop a cost-effective package for export.

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Solar Power Right Now

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