Glava Energy Center


Local Energy Systems – Micro Grids

Analysis of advanced asset management on PV, inverters and energy storage by using pattern recognition as a part of the EPR Project (European Pattern Recognition project).

Pilot: Smart grids

Studies have been made on a local smart grid to see the energy balance between local production and local consuption of energy. GEC has different

Energy Management System – OpenDEM

Raymond M Kaiser, Amzur Technologies  OpenDEM is a modular suite of open source applications that can monitor, manage and control Distributed Energy Resources locally and

Rapit heating of water

3 billion people cook food with biofuels, which contributes to both local and global environmental problems with deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. GEC and the

Solar Tent

Solar Tent is an innovation where the tent fabric has built-in solar modules. 

Lightning in a running track

Glava Energy Center has supported SC Burman AB during the development of a new prototype for lighting in a running track. It was installed for

Lightning in a bus shelter

Glava Energy Center has participated in testing how, in a cost effective way to solve the problem with expensive lighting in secluded located bus shelters.

Ongrid system

Solar module park is a so-called ongrid system, ie a non-independent, network-connected system (209.8 kW). In the solar module park, GEC are testing different concepts


Glava Energy Center is a development center within many different kind of technologies. We include a weather station, an energy storage system, a wind measuring

Heat pump

Glava Energy Center, in collaboration with the Soletaer AB and students at Karlstad University designed a heat pump for heating domestic hot water by utilizing

Offgrid system

There are five different offgrid-systems of different sizes at Glava Energy Center. Offgrid-systems are stand-alone system of solar modules built on flexible solar frames and

Wind Measuring Mast

The Wind Measuring Mast: is 30 meters high have wind sensors at 15 and 30 meters has its own power supply using an off-grid solar