About Glava Energy Center

About the International Leading Center
for Renewable Solar Energy Solutions of tomorrow
within Education and Innovation


An independant partner in Scandinavia which raises the knowledge within solar energy systems. 


A leading innovation-arena, and your natural partner for nordic and international stakeholders within enterprise and academy with development of new solutions for solar energy systems.

Meeting place

A meeting place on regional, national and international level for both small groups and larger conferences in our own facilities in Arvika municipality.

Financial partners

Interreg Sweden - Norway

Arvika Municipality

Region Värmland

ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems

Swedish Energy Agency


Per Eiritz, styrelseordförande
+46 (0)70 517 14 94

Lars Johansson
Karlstads universitet

Ola Mossberg
Arvika Teknik AB

Johan Paradis
Paradisenergi AB

Thomas Saubach
Ellevio AB

Tommy Strömberg
Innos AS

Björn Thorud
Multiconsult AS/Scatec AS

Co-opted members

Magnus Nilsson
Glava Energy Center

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