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Glava Energy Center

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To be a member in Glava Energy Center the applicant must work or have their activities within the areas of solar energy or energy savings. Membership may, where appropriate, be granted for another legal entity and individuals who are showing an interest in the association’s activities. All members have possibilities of influencing the substance of activities and projects conducted by Glava Energy Center.

Decisions about the membership application are taken by the Board at the next regular meeting.

Annual dues

The annual membership dues intended to reflect participation in the association and differs for individuals and companies and depends on the size of the company.


Besides membership dues, service dues will be added for active corporations.

The idea with service dues is that it reflects the benefits a member gets from being an active member in the association. The amount of the service dues is determined in consultation with the member to be.

Universities and other education providers

The membership and service dues in total is SEK 13000 per year.


The membership dues in total is SEK 650 per year.


Please contact us for an application!