Glava Energy Center

Technologies / Measuring


Wind Measuring Mast

The Wind Measuring Mast:

  • is 30 meters high
  • have wind sensors at 15 and
  • 30 meters
  • has its own power supply
  • using an off-grid solar module
  • are logging measurements
  • using a web solution from

The wind measuring mast was installed in February 2012.

Weather Station

Measures six different kinds of solar components:

  • direct solar radiation
  • indirect solar radiation
  • global solar radiation
  • plant angled solar radiation (two different)
  • ground reflected radiation

and general weather parameters such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and wind direction. 

All data is logged every six seconds in a database that is accessible to companies and researchers. The weather station (EKO Instruments Europe B.V.) is connected to a measuring system from Metrum.

The measurements are possible because the weather station is mounted on a robot that follows the sun’s movement across the sky. It is controlled by a built-in GPS for improved accuracy.