Innos AS vinner pris!

GEC-medlemmen Innos AS har vunnit PV-magazines Top Business Model-pris med sin fantastiska innovation Weight Watcher!

Denna nyhet går än så länge enbart att läsas på tyska på men nedan följer en fri översättning på engelska.

The PV-magazine jurors, as consist of Volker Quaschning as is professor for regenerative energy systems at HTW Berlin. Hans Urban, as is expert in photovoltaics, storage technology and e-mobility, advises Schletter, Maxsolar and Smart Power and Winfried Wahl heads product management at Longi Solar in Germany has formed the jury statement Innos – roof protection generates energy!

Innos informationsfilm om Weight Watcher

Prize for best business model 2020 – this is what the jury says:

Of course, roofs should be built in such a way that they can carry both photovoltaics and the snow load in winter. But if that is not the case, the modular heating system from Innos can help. It controls the heating output automatically according to weight measurements. The company has had it examined that the energy balance is clearly positive despite electrical snowmelt. Since more space can be obtained for photovoltaics in a sustainable way, the jury awards the system the title “PV magazine Top Business Model 2020”.

Tommy Strömberg

We at Innos  are glad to receive this honorable price. Many years of development, testing and installations have now started to be recognized worldwide Tommy Strömberg CEO at Innos AS says. Our Weight Watcher product as started as an idea now become a market leading standard and the most efficient way to install solar energy where its earlier where not possible acc to weak roofs and excessive snow loads Mr Strömberg continues. The PV-Magazine Top Business Model 2020 awards that it can be profitable to melt the snow for generating energy in the winter.

Nyfiken på vad Weight Watcher gör på ren svenska? Besök då och läs om Tommy, hans arbete på REC i Glava och om hans uppfinning tillika prisvinnare!

Vi på Glava Energy Center hälsar och grattar stort till vår medlem Innos AS tillika GEC-ledamot Tommy Strömberg!