Offgrid system

Offgrid system

There are five different offgrid-systems of different sizes at Glava Energy Center. Offgrid-systems are stand-alone system of solar modules built on flexible solar frames and ground anchoring bolts, connected to the batteries. The purpose of the systems are to develop a cost-effective package for export.



The Offgrid systems in Glava are from SweModule and Innotech Solar. The frames are flexible and constructed of different materials. The idea is that you should be able to build them with the material you have at your disposal where they should stand. The modules are connected to independent batteries recovered from MacBat regularly serviced with MacBat technology.

The Offgrid system at GEC provides for the local outdoor lighting. It consists of LED lighting from SC Burman in a local direct current. The design of the system has been done in cooperation with the Nordic Solar system and integrated with a specially developed measurement systems from Metrum.


An export product

In 2012 and until mid 2013, the goal of the offgrid systems was to develop an export product of independent solar panels connected to a battery system for cost-effective short-term energy storage. Development work is ongoing in cooperation with, among others Ferroamp.


In association with:

EU regional structural Northern Central Sweden, Interreg Sweden – Norway, Arvika, Steel and Engineering, FEM project, Ferroamp, Fortum, ITS Innotech Solar, Karlstad University, Macbat, Metrum, Nordic Solar, SC Burman and SweModule.