Rapit heating of water

Rapit heating of water

3 billion people cook food with biofuels, which contributes to both local and global environmental problems with deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. GEC and the ecoInside project is funding the innovation project ”Rapit heating of water”. With the invention, cooking is possible indoors and after sunset. Furthermore, saving time is not necessary because you do not have to search for fuel, and instead can spend this time on education or a paid job.

Joto Solutions is building a minature model:

  • Extremely fast heating of water. This along with a cooking unit optimized the taste of the coffee
  • Energy storage that can be charged with solar energy and/or electricity 
  • It can be made in dimensions so it becomes relatively mobile.
  • Works as a demonstrator of the technique, but also attracts attention to Löfbergs Lila.

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In cooperation with: Joto Solutions Dalarna University, Karlstad University, Löfbergs Lila. 

Funding: ecoInside