Lightning in a running track

Lightning in a running track

Glava Energy Center has supported SC Burman AB during the development of a new prototype for lighting in a running track. It was installed for testing in the municipality of Storfors during 2015.

The idea with this prototype is, except that it is using LED lamps, that the lamps have a completely new type of control system with motion sensors that detect if there are someone in the running track. When no one is there, the lights are lit for approximately fifty percent of the maximum luminosity. When a person approaches a lamp, the light temporarily exceeds to maximum luminosity. The lamp is communicating with a few more lamps along the running track, which also exceeds to maximum luminosity. When the person have passed the current lamp, it´ll go back to fifty percent of the maximum luminosity again.

The pilot project includes 96 lamps along the 2.5 km long running track.


In association with

SC Burman AB, El Team One and Storfors.